Festival De Cannes 2021 official selection!

News / 17 September 2020

With everything going on I had to sit on this for a while before it was official, but now it is! My graduation film, which I wrote and art directed, is an official selection for the 2021 Cannes Film Festival! This was a work of love, for sure, and I was fortunate enough to work with several other incredible friends on this project: Elena Spina, Aarif Attarwala, Tony Gaeta and Andrew Noh. Please take a moment to look at their respective roles in this production at the credits section. They are as big of a part in this film as could be.

A shout-out should be made to the fantastic Laura Bailey and Alfredo Sirica, who lent their voice and musical talent (respectively) to this project.

Have a look at A Moonlight's Tale below. I hope it brings you much joy :)